On the River Trent, there are 3 fisheries on the navigable river at Fiskerton, Rolleston and East Stoke and a further 6 fisheries on the non‐navigable river. Here you will find some of the best coarse fishing available anywhere in the country.

The Society also has 6 lakes ‐ all old gravel pit workings ‐ with some excellent still water fishing. One of them is fully mature and is home to carp, bream, tench, roach, zander and pike. Two of the others are newer projects. One is a dedicated specimen lake ‐ mainly for carp and tench. This has spacious, well‐constructed flat pegs suitable for those who like to ‘bivvy‐up’ in pursuit of their quarry. The other is a small lake containing crucian carp, roach, skimmer bream, perch, tench and a few chub. This is designed for easier fishing and is well‐suited to the pole angler ‐ as well as providing a good place for introducing junior members to angling. Of the remaining 3 lakes, 2 are mixed fisheries containing large heads of carp and bream, as well as roach, perch, pike and eels. The carp mainly average 8lb but run up to the odd twenties. During the summer catches of 200lb plus have been recorded. Finally, there is a well‐stocked trout lake for those who like to cast a fly.

Our still waters have benefitted from an on‐going programme of improvement in recent years; the provision of spacious, flat pegs and improved access to the waterside has been matched by extensive tree‐planting designed to enhance the environment as well as provide habitats for a range of flora and fauna ‐ and shelter for the angler.

Apart from the day ticket and guest ticket fisheries, these waters are exclusively for members, so you can see that being a member of Nottingham Piscatorial Society gives you an outstanding opportunity to have access to some outstanding fishing. Why not check out the Membership section of the web site?